Bokstäver, vackra ord och Värmland

hejregina stämplar1litenJag har köpt ministämplar på Granithejregina stämplar4litenBokstäverna är inte mer än några millimeter högahejregina stämplar2litenOch typsnittet är rakt och enkelthejregina stämplar3litenJag invigde dem med en rad från den här fina texten jag hittade i Madrid

Today is May 1st. It´s been 71 days since we last spoke. I can imagine what you are thinking. This day of all days, this year of all years, this place of all places, there´s no way in hell you´d be in a museum. You´re thinking that you thought I knew you better. You´re thinking that I´d have a better shot reaching you if I ran to the roof with a bullhorn and shouted out into the city streets. But I´ve done that my sweet, for the last 70 days. I´ve shouted to you on every corner from Wall Street to 155th. I yelled into a microphone, a megaphone and a bullhorn. I´m leaving these words because I know there´s a change you might find your way to this room. Can you fault me for trying something new? Where are you my love? Why won´t you send me some word?

Och nu är jag i Värmland. I ett mysigt hus med mönstrade tapeter, broderade bonader och pinnstolar


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  1. I loved this text… and I am really sad that I didn’t take pic of all the texts in that room.. :/
    If you have the name of the artist, let me know please.. :)

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